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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Archive CE Books USA

In case you missed the annoucement a few weeks ago, Bob Velke, developer of The Master Genealogist has added another produce/service to his genealogical offerings. He has founded Archive CD Books USA to join with Archive CD Books, an international digitizing project based in Great Britain , to make old and rare research books available to the public in a digital format, to donate original publications to libraries and other institutions, and to cooperate with repositories to preserve existing collections for future generations.

In addition of Velke's operation, Archive CD books now has affiliates in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada and Australia,, has joined with Wholly Genes Software to create Archive CD Books USA.

Each partner company buys or borrows books from collectors and repositories in their native country and scans and reproduces them on CD-ROM and/or on other media. Several thousand titles are available in this format, and additional books are being digitized daily.

Each scanned book is made available to all partner companies, thus providing each company access to the project's worldwide inventory of books on compact disc.

Velke, president of Wholly Genes and Archive CD Books USA, said Archive CD Books USA is working with societies, libraries and people to digitize a wide range of original U.S. historical and genealogical research materials. Through his involvement in both companies, customers can expect access to additional digital research tools in the coming months, including special discounts and exclusive offers for TMG users.

Integrated features in future releases of TMG will capitalize on the relationship with Archive CD Books USA.

Archive CD Books USA releases include Genealogical Dictionary of the "First Settlers of New England," "National Gazetteer of the United States (1884)," "Emigrants Who Went to America 1600-1700, History of North Brookfield, Mass." and "Victorian Government Gazette 1874."

Although Archive CD Books USA and Wholly Genes are independent companies, they share the same address, 9110 Red Branch Road, Suite O, Columbia, MD 21045. To place an order, call (410) 715-2260 or (877) 864-3264.

The Web site forArchive CD Books USA is www.archivecdbooksusa. com. Wholly Genes Software's Web site is www.whollygenes.com.

New Online Obit and Death Notice Index for L.A.Times

From time to time, I have needed to find death information for relatives who have relocated from Ohio to California. Now there is an index to obituaries and death notices that have appeared in the Los Angeles Times from 1988 to 1993 and also in 1995.

The Southern California Genealogical Society has just added the Los Angeles Times Obituary Index database to its website, www.scgsgenealogy.com. The database is a fully-searchable index of decedent names listed in obituaries and death notices published in the Los Angeles Times. The database currently covers the years 1988 through 1993 plus 1995, and eventually will be expanded to include a 20-year index. In addition to the standard obituaries and death notices, the index includes entries for In Memoriam, Cards of Thanks, Funeral Notices, etc. The online obituary index provides the name and year the notice was printed.

The online index is available for use by all researchers at no charge.
Individuals interested in obtaining a copy of the actual obituary or death notice can contact the Research Department of the Southern California Genealogical Society and request a copy for a nominal fee.

It would be valuable if societies in Ohio followed suit with indexes to newspapers in the Buckeye State.