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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OhiogGenealogyBlog Welcomes Ohio'sGenealogyBlog

The State Library of Ohio has recently created a blog entitled "Ohio's Genealogy Blog." This blog is intended for Ohio's genealogical community as a service of the State Library of Ohio. Postings will focus on assisting Ohio librarians serving genealogists and promoting virtual genealogy in Ohio. State Library of Ohio Genealogy Specialist Paul Immel will be posting comments about research, issues, events, and the future of virtual genealogy.

“We recognize that genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies among all age groups in the U.S. Librarians are being asked to assist these customers in their search for their ancestors, said State Librarian Jo Budler. “We hope that this blog will allow librarians to communicate best practices and research tips, all to the end of assisting one another in providing ever-improving library service to our customers.”

The State Library of Ohio transferred its genealogy collection to the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Genealogy, History and Travel Department on April 19, 2007. While the State Library no longer serves walk-ins or corresponding genealogy patrons, it continues to promote genealogy virtually. As both a Federal and State of Ohio depository, the library will continue access to genealogical and local historical information through its documents collection. Go to http://statelibraryohiogen.blogspot.com/ .

Source: http://winslo.state.oh.us/

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