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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio Directory, 1837-38, Now Online at Ancestry.com

Cleveland, Ohio was home to over 2000 people in the late 1830s. Originally published in 1838, this database is a listing of city residents in that year. It provides the resident's name and address. Many entries also include the individual's occupation and employer. For those persons seeking ancestors from northern Ohio in the early nineteenth century, this can be an informative database.

The online database, available at Ancestry.com, was created by Amy Armstrong. Researchers interested in obtaining photocopies of a particular entry may contact the author of this database via e-mail: amyea@aol.com.

Source information: Armstrong, Amy. 1837-38 Cleveland and Ohio City, Ohio Directory. [database online] Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1999. Taken from: Cleveland Directory Company. First Directory of Cleveland and Ohio City, 1837-38. Cleveland, OH: Sanford and Lott, 1837.