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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Try the Free Encyclopedia of Genealogy

Have you added Dick Eastman’s The Encyclopedia of Genealogy to your list of Internet research resources? It is a free-content encyclopedia created by its users. It is available to everyone, free of charge. Also, everyone is invited to contribute, free of charge.

Go to:


The opening page provides this introduction:

The Encyclopedia of Genealogy serves as a compendium of genealogical tools and techniques. It provides reference information about everything in genealogy except people. Look to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy to provide explanations of how to look up your family tree, explanations of terms found in genealogy research, including obsolete medical and legal terms. It will describe locations where records may be found. It also will describe how to research Italian, German, Polish, French-Canadian, Jewish, Black, Indian, and other ancestors. In short, the Encyclopedia of Genealogy will serve as your standard genealogy reference manual.

The Encyclopedia of Genealogy is created by genealogists like yourself. In fact, YOU can help by adding content: your own knowledge and expertise can help others. If you see anything in this encyclopedia that is incorrect, YOU can change it! If you see anything that is incomplete, YOU can add to it! If you note anything that is missing, YOU can add it! This encyclopedia will succeed because people like you contribute nuggets of information. When enough "nuggets" are added, the Encyclopedia of Genealogy will become a gold mine.

To find an entry, click on the Search function on the menu on the left. The Search window allows you to enter the search term you are interested in.

Entering “Ohio” brings up about a dozen entries (a number that is sure to grow), including the Ohio Genealogical Society. Going to the the OGS website [www.ogs.org], you find that it is the nation’s largest state genealogical society with over 5000 members and 94 chapters in the state and elsewhere.